More Stormy Nights Ahead

day1otlk_1300 Seems like a broken record, but that’s what happens when the weather pattern just doesn’t want to change.  More late night showers and thunderstorms are expected across Iowa tonight.

Supercells capable of producing tornadoes are expected to develop over Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska later today.  Most of that is not anticipated to reach Iowa, but it’s the focal point of further development that will spread further east towards Iowa later tonight.’

day1probotlk_1300_windDynamics here do not favor tornadoes, although one or two might spin up in southwest Iowa.  The primary concern is large hail and especially strong damaging winds. 

The image to the right shows the risk for damaging winds tonight.  Again the greatest risk for any severe weather lies in southwest Iowa.  But storms could maintain their intensity for much of the night making things a little noisy through sunrise.

flash flood watch Another concern tonight is the threat for heavy rain.  The National Weather Service has posted a flash flood watch that will stay in effect tonight.  It covers areas south of highway 30 in Iowa.

Several inches of rain could fall tonight and tomorrow on already saturated ground.  And tonight’s storms do not mark the end of our stormy pattern. 

More storms are possible on Tuesday and other rounds of rain are already in the forecast by week’s end.  We’ll have much more on tomorrow’s threat for severe weather later this afternoon.

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