More Snow?

SnowAmt8_iowa1This morning, central Iowa woke up to some light snow showers which was surprising as they moved further south than originally expected. Accumulations will be light, generally between one to two inches.

anoqOur next system that we will have to deal with will move though tomorrow and this one will come in two rounds. The first round will enter from the northwest and will start to move through the state mid morning and will track to the southeast. This system will mainly affect northern and northeast Iowa. Round one will then push out of the state in the early evening hours tomorrow night. Round two will then enter from the northwest once again during the morning hours on Wednesday, however, this system is larger in size so most of the state will see snow from this system. The heavier bands of snow will once again be across northern Iowa with the lighter bands across southern Iowa.

After all said and done, northern and northeast Iowa will see 3”-5” with some locally higher amounts possible, central Iowa ending up with 1”-2”, and less than one inch is possible in southwest Iowa.  After the system pushes to the east Wednesday night, we will dry out for a few days with our next system approaching Saturday night into Sunday.

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