More Rain & More Flooding Threats

UntitledA band of moderate to heavy rain is prompting a number of flash flood warnings this morning (highlighted by the green polygons in the image to the left).  Several inches of rain will only further aggravate problems along area rivers and streams in this area as well.  This pattern of showers should finally break late this week, giving Iowa a brief respite from the wet weather for the weekend.

But by Sunday, that break will end, as more rounds of showers and thunderstorms develop and further strain area waterways.  It’s too early to say what today’s rain and the threat of more showers mean for the Iowa River especially.  This is not an event like 2008 where several rounds of heavy rain over a small period of time triggered a catastrophic flood.  This year is a but like 1993 in which steady rains throughout the summer eventually led to problems along most rivers in Iowa.  Of course we can’t say something like 1993 is going to happen again, but with each persistent rain event, the state stays saturated and area rivers remain one heavy rain event away from major problems.

day1probotlk_1300_windAs for severe weather, the threat is very low today.  It’s possible a stray thunderstorm could produce wind gusts that would reach severe limits, but nothing that would require a watch for a more widespread outbreak.  With constant rainfall, the threat of severe weather is taking a backseat to the monitoring of area rivers and streams.

If you have any pictures of the flooding in your  area, please email them to us by clicking on the Contact tab at the top of the page.

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