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Iowa QPF

Ridge and Trough

Over the past few days, we have been spoiled with beautiful fall weather. It has been dry with highs in the 50s to 60s. We even hit the low 70s on Thursday.  This stretch of dry weather that we have been experiencing over the past few day can be accounted for the ridging pattern that we have been in. For those of you who do not know what a ridge is, it is a region with relatively higher heights. Areas inside the ridge tend to have warmer and drier weather, and this is what we have been experiencing over the last few days.

National Surface Map

Looking at the national surface map, we can see high pressure is dominating the Rockies. This will continue to help bring dry weather to the start of the week for us. Temperatures for the start of the work week will be seasonal to slightly above average, as average for this time of year is in the lower 60’s to upper 50’s. On Monday we will have a 5mph to 10mph wind out of the south. Because of this, highs on Monday will range from the lower 60’s across northeast Iowa to near 70 across southwest Iowa. On Tuesday, our wind will shift from the south the the northwest. This will make temperatures on Tuesday slightly cooler. Highs on Tuesday will range from the mid 50’s across northeast Iowa to the mid 60’s across southwest Iowa.

Iowa QPF

We have good news for the farmers! Since we will be under the influence of high pressure for the next few days, this will keep the rain chances away. In the QPF (quantitative precipitation forecast) graphic above, the rain will stay to the northwest of Iowa through Tuesday. However, rain will be back in the forecast by Thursday. We are not expecting a lot of rain from this system on Thursday. Rainfall amounts will range from a tenth of an inch, to a quarter of an inch. After the rain moves out of the state, Friday will be dry with temperatures still above average.

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