More Chances for Storms in Forecast

day2otlk_1730Iowa missed out on the showers and thunderstorms on Tuesday Night, but there are plenty of other chances coming up in the near future.  The Storm Prediction Center has posted a slight risk for severe weather for portions on southwest Iowa on Thursday.  You can see the affected area in the graphic to the left.  Much like previous threats in recent days, this is a rather marginal severe threat situation but something that still bears watching.

The bulk of showers and thunderstorms should affect the southern stretch of the state and, severe or not, storms could linger throughout the overnight hours into Friday as the storms push off to the east.   We’ll continue to monitor Thursday’s threat and bring you updates as conditions warrant.

Turning now to the next potential threat, attention turns to a storm system that will begin to affect the area as early as Sunday Night.  There is not much certainty on the overall timing and placement of this storm system, but it certainly exhibits the potential of producing severe weather somewhere in the Upper Midwest between Sunday and Tuesday.  As those days draw closer we will, of course, post updates as they come in.

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