Monday Threat For Severe Storms

day2otlk_1730As some in central Iowa continue to clean up from this morning’s storms, Another threat of severe weather will enter the weather picture on Monday.  The atmosphere will have no problem generating the energy needed for storm development.  But there are some question marks that remain in this system.

The biggest question is tonight’s storms to our west.  How will they work their way through the area Monday morning.  Additional storms are expected to develop tomorrow afternoon, and could produce all modes of severe weather, although strong damaging winds appear to be the primary threat.  This was never more true than this morning when, despite tornado warnings, the real culprit was straight line winds that at times gusted higher than 80mph, knocking down trees, power lines and personal property.

day2probotlk_1730_anyOnce storms get going on Monday, they could come together to form a line of wind producing thunderstorms that could affect parts of the state, especially central and eastern Iowa.  The graphic on the right shows this area under the greatest threat of strong storms during the afternoon and evening hours of Monday.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and provide updates beginning tomorrow morning as further details come into view.

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