Measurable Snow Possible This Weekend

nam_slp_066mUnlike previous storms, there is no question what type of precipitation areas of Iowa will see Friday and Saturday, all of it will fall as snow.  A center of low pressure is expected to form just south of Iowa as we move into the weekend, bringing with it a threat of snow showers primarily over eastern Iowa.

Snow will begin to fall in areas of central and western Iowa as early as Friday afternoon.  Heavier snow bands are expected to develop over portions of eastern Iowa, especially north of Interstate 80 during the overnight and early morning hours of Saturday. 

When all is said and done, 1-3” of snow may fall over some areas.  Locally higher amounts cannot be ruled out.  The good news is this shouldn’t cause any major travel troubles as the snow should fall slowly over a long period of time. 

Areas that receive a blanket of snow from this storm system can expect to see temperatures in the coming days fall a little more than current thinking.  It’s safe to say the mild weather of just a week ago is long gone.  Today marks the meteorological start of winter and it looks like winter conditions are not too far off.  Although no major storms are in the current forecast, this snow threat serves as a reminder to get yourself, your home and you vehicle ready for the winter months.

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