“MCS Land” Setting Up Across Parts of Midwest

If you like the terminology in the headline, I can’t take credit for that.  No, it came from meteorologist Brian Travers in an email to me earlier today.  A storm system that is pushing our famed Omega Block out of the weather picture.  With it comes the threat of several rounds of showers and thunderstorms as a frontal boundary could stall out somewhere across the state of Iowa over the coming days.  As a result, heavy rainfall totals are possible in some areas.  The graphic in this story shows the projected rainfall amounts over a 5-day period.  You can see several inches are forecast for a large area.

Some areas could even see locally higher amounts that those forecasted.  All of this depends on how this storm system shakes out.  Of course with these thunderstorms comes the threat of severe weather as well.  Although the overall threat for Iowa does not appear great, we’re keeping an eye on it and will have more on a threat for storms tomorrow and Saturday in the morning.  For now, get ready for a wet few days after a long stretch of dry, cool and quiet weather.


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