MASSIVE Rain Totals in Northeast Iowa

compositeAfter calling off yesterday’s chase, I wound up in my hometown of Strawberry Point.  I considered staying with a friend but decided to try and drive through the storm to get south of it and enjoy a night in my own bed in Cedar Rapids.  Although the first 30 minutes of the drive were white knuckle, once I got south of Ryan it was smooth sailing.  That’s because the never ending line of showers and thunderstorms were traveling west to east over the same area.  Get south of the line and you were fine.

The graphic to the left perfectly illustrates this.  This is a composite of rainfall totals reported by NEXRAD sites in Davenport and LaCrosse.  As the storms trained across southern portions of Fayette and Clayton County for a third time, you can see it produced massive rainfall totals especially in the towns of Oelwein and Strawberry Point.

The National Weather Service in LaCrosse has compiled a list of the heaviest rainfall totals in this area.  With most of the rain now out of the area, the NWS reports 9.04” of rain in Strawberry Point and a staggering 10.15” reported in Oelwein.  This is a tremendous amount of rain that likely caused plenty of headaches throughout the night for people living in these areas.

The rain is still falling in other parts of eastern Iowa so more rain totals could come out and might even top this.  Several hours ago more than six inches of rain was recorded near Dubuque.  All this rain produced flash flooding problems over a number of areas along and near Highway 20.

If you saw any flash flooding this morning, and snapped some photos, please send them to [email protected]  Be sure to tell us where you took the photo and at what time.  Also, remember to never drive through water over a roadway.  It’s often impossible to tell how deep the water is and how fast it is moving.  Stay safe and we’ll have more later today on yet another threat for severe weather later tonight.

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