Massive Hail Storm Strikes Wichita

Here’s a great example of it could always be worse.  To the left is video from a powerful hail storm that struck the town of Wichita, Kansas.  Hail up to 4.50” in diameter was reported in portions of Kansas as the storm rolled through.  That’s the size of a softball!

The hail was large enough to cause serious damage to homes, trees and many vehicles.  KAKE-TV in Wichita reports window shields were smashed by the massive hail stones.

Besides the hail stones, tornadoes were also reported in portions of Kansas.  All in all a pretty active night across Kansas but not here. 

Storms never really managed to get going in Iowa tonight, but this video is a good reminder why it’s always better to wind up with no severe weather than getting one of the worst case scenarios.

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