MASSIVE Hail Captured in South Dakota

Large HailMost hail that falls is pea to golf ball sized.  But the stones that fell in the Dakotas on Friday was some of the largest ever seen.  Preliminary reports indicated hail over 4” in diameter.  But after the National Weather Service posted these pics, there needs to be a close examination whether any of these stones are a record breaker.

In 2003, the largest hail stone in US history was reported in Nebraska.  The stone was 7’ in diameter, 18.75 in circumference and weighed just under one pound.  Although not the heaviest ice rock from the sky, it is the largest and considered the record holder in the US.

In Friday’s storm, the large hail storm struck near the town of Vivian, SD, which is just south of Pierre in central South Dakota.  You can see in these pictures the stones were flat out big.  Hopefully continued information is being collected on these images.  But in the meantime, we just need to thank our lucky starts we’ve never seen ice chunks like this anywhere in Iowa.Large Hail 2Large Hail 3

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