Major Mess in the Atlantic Ocean

UntitledTwo major hurricanes.  That’s what’s expected in the Atlantic over the next few days.  Hurricane Danielle continues on it’s NNW path east of Bermuda.  The storm is not expected to be a big problem and should not come anywhere near the US mainland.  Behind this storm is Tropical Storm Earl.

Earl should intensify over the weekend, reaching hurricane status sometime on Sunday.  This storm should take a more southerly track compared to Danielle, but it’s threat to a major landmass remains unclear. 

Current projections show Earl skirting near Puerto Rico before turning to the north.  If that happens, parts of the east coast may feel the effects of the storm.  203113W5_NL_smIf it does not,Earl will have more time to gain strength over warm waters and could pose a more serious threat to the United States.

This is still well more than a week away and hard to determine when or if this storm will make landfall.  This is the most active time in the Atlantic so if these storms come and go without any trouble, there should be plenty of others behind them.

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