‘Main Event’ Could Come Wednesday

day3otlk_0730After a sultry day on Tuesday, the threat of showers and thunderstorms should return on Wednesday, as a strong storm system crosses the state from west to east.  There is a potential for a “triple point” and cold front to pass through the state during the late afternoon/evening hours, capable of producing strong storms just about anywhere.  There is still some uncertainty with the final setup so at this hour the threat for Wednesday is conditional.

At this time it looks like a widespread severe weather event, stretching from Iowa all the way down to Texas, is likely on Wednesday.  The dynamics don’t look all that great for tornadoes at this time, but that doesn’t mean the threat isn’t there.  Depending on the final setup, strong winds could turn into the biggest threat with this particular storm system on Wednesday.  For now, we expect all modes of severe weather to be possible at some point on Wednesday.

We expect to see an updated outlook on Wednesday early Tuesday Morning.  We’ll monitor any other changes in the forecast between now and then.  Also, depending on the final track of this storm system, storms may be ongoing in the morning and/or could re-fire during the afternoon on Thursday, giving portions of eastern Iowa another threat for severe weather.  A chance of strong storms on Thursday looks very circumstantial right now but will also need to be closely monitored.

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