Looking for Something in the Sky to Capture


This has been a relatively tranquil severe weather season here in Iowa.  With the summer months now upon us, the “prime time” for tornadoes has come and gone with little fanfare.  Of course severe weather is still possible between now and October, but the threat begins to shift to a more nocturnal setup rather than a storm chase type event.

As a result, chase enthusiasts around the state have to find other things to pass the time.  Paul Brooks sent us the pictures below of one such activity.  These blurry shots are long exposure captures of the International Space Station.  It is common for the ISS to fly over Iowa, as you can see by the streak in the pictures.  The station looks like a bright star moving very quickly through the sky.  It usually is visible about 2-4 minutes during each pass.  Although not all that remarkable, it certainly is special when you think about the size of the craft and it’s distance from you (more than 200 miles above the Earth).

Thanks to Paul for sharing these photos, and if you would like to learn more about the ISS flybys, just go to this website.

Internation al Space StationISS 2ISS_

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