Looking Ahead to ANOTHER Threat

Risk for Friday, May 15, 2009

Risk for Friday, May 15, 2009

A portion of southeast Iowa once again faces a risk of severe weather.  Current trends put much of the severe weather risk to our south and west.  This could mean an event later in the day here in eastern Iowa.  Some recent model runs however are troubling and do bear some watching.

For a quick look back at Wednesday’s events, although there was no severe weather reported in eastern Iowa, it was a rather pretty storm to chase.  A lot of lightning and some amazing cloud formations.  In the end what doomed these storms was two things: 1.) lack of available energy and 2.) storms in northerm Missouri cutting off resources for storms in Iowa to feed off of.

That turned out to be good news for us, but bad for Missouri.  A tornado touched down in the Kirksville area killing at least three and producing some incredible damage.  In all, more than 20 tornadoes were reported across Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma.

This is a key factor in why Iowa was spared, once storms to our south and west got their act together around 5:30pm, there was little hope storms in southern Iowa could develop into supercells.  In fact, they couldn’t even develop into severe wind and hail producers.

The most severe weather we encountered was just north of Riverside in Washington County.  There we ran into some of the heaviest rain and wind I’ve ever seen in a non-severe thunderstorm.  Winds gusted at an estimated 50mph as we tried to make our way north but eventually had to pull over.

All in all, a lot of good video and some great pictures considering the lack of severe weather.  Now we will focus on the next storm to come on Friday and look ahead at the next couple of weeks for any other signs of instability.

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