LOOK UP: Northern Lights Might Return to Iowa

latestIt will take some clear skies, but it’s possible parts of Iowa could see the northern lights tonight or tomorrow night.  A massive eruption on the surface of the sun Sunday sent a large amount of plasma towards the Earth.  It’s expected to arrive tonight and tomorrow.  The plasma can trigger a geomagnetic storm that would trigger aurora borealis, or the northern lights.

They are usually only visible in the highest latitudes of Alaska and Canada, but if the storm is strong enough, millions in the U.S. might get the chance to see this beautiful phenomena.  Of course the weather might affect Iowa’s chances of seeing the potential light show from space. 

Northern lightsThe threat of showers and thunderstorms producing heavy rain threaten to, at the very least, leave cloud cover over much of the state.  But if you notice some clearing over your head and you can get away from city lights, might be worth a quick check of the northern skies tonight in case the northern lights come as far south as Iowa.

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