LIVE COVERAGE: Lake Delhi Dam Destroyed…Wall of Water Heading for Hopkinton, Monticello

Here is a live feed from Dan Gottschalk tracking the flood waters in Jones County.  Below that, you’ll find up to the minute information of the situation in the flood zone. Huge thanks to Dan for sharing his feed with us and keeping track of the rising waters.

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Latest Information

4:00pm: From Jesse Gavin: “Hopkinton dodged the bullet. Very little evidence of flooding, save for some water in a few backyards along the river.  Obviously this is good news for Monticello.”

2:39pm: From Dan Gottschalk… “The water is spreading out into farm fields and flooding farm houses north of Hopkinton.”

2:37pm: From Jessie Gavin: “Hearing that even some of the higher cabins at Lake Delhi have taken on four feet of water”

2:36pm: From Jessie Gavin: “Saw many people clearing possessions out of their homes in Hopkinton. Crop Production Services was also moving equipment to higher ground.”

2:33pm: From Governor Chet Culver: “National Guard deployed to Lake Delhi area & Emergency Operations Center activated.”

2:05pm: From Jessie Gavin: “Volunteer firefighters and State Troopers doing their best to keep people north of Highway 38.”

1:59pm: From Jessie Gavin: “In Hopkinton. No signs of flooding in town. Lot of people congregating on west side of town watching and waiting.”

1:47pm: Iowa State Patrol: “Entire Homes are floating down the river.”

1:44pm: From Dan Gottschalk… “The wall of water is 2 miles north of Hopkinton.  State Patrol is worried a bridge at 295th street is going to be taken out and washed down river.”

1:41pm: From Dan Gottschalk… “Iowa state patrol aircraft reports wall of water is 4 to 5 miles south of the dam filled with tons of debris, boats, and houses.“

1:20pm: A 30 foot wide growing gap in the berm alongside the dam.  Water is falling 40 to 45 feet from the pool behind the dam to the river below.

1:18pm: From Dan Gottschalk… “A gas line has ruptured that goes under the road that crosses the dam.”

1:11pm: From Dan Gottschalk… “Sirens are going off in Monticello.  A barge is currently floating down the lake and they are worried about it hitting the concrete structure of the dam.“

1:00pm: Water now surrounding some homes in Hopkinton near river.  Water will continue to rise for another hour as rush of water races down from the breached Lake Delhi Dam.

12:58pm: From Dan Gottschalk… “Dam now 100% breached.  Nothing stopping water now.”  VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION for Hopkinton now.

12:52pm: From Dan Gottschalk… “Sirens are going off in Hopkinton. The dam is 90% breached and growing larger.  Trying to get virtually everyone out of Hopkinton now.“

12:34pm: From Dan Gottschalk…. “People are jumping off one of the bridges at the lake trying to get into their boats that are against the bridge to save them. This is insane.“

12:30pm: Monticello asking for volunteers to sandbag.  People wanting to help should go to the Monticello City Shop located on Highway 38.

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  2. Thanks for the live feed…it’s truely amazing how much water we have got in the past couple of days. Must be careful that water can wipe out anything in its path!

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