Little Confidence in Severe Threat Today

day1otlk_1300A rather potent severe weather outbreak is expected today… just not here.  You can see in the graphic to the left a large portion of the Central US is under a slight or moderate risk for severe weather today.  That risk stretches into Iowa for late this afternoon and into the evening hours.

After spending two days looking at the forecast, there’s really nothing to get too excited about here.  A general lack of instability in the atmosphere and unidirectional shear leaves very little to produce organized severe weather in Iowa.  Once storms get going, there is a threat of an isolated cell producing strong winds or large hail.  But the tornado threat for Iowa is very low.  At this time it appears the better chance for severe weather will remain to our south.

One bit of good news for Iowa is if storms can develop, much needed rains will come with them.  This could help ease the dry conditions much of the state is facing.  We’ll continue to monitor the latest from the Storm Prediction Center and bring you updates throughout the day.

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