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Nation Wide Temperatures Monday

The big weather story today was the widespread snowfall. Snow will continue to fall thorough the evening hours before clearing out of the state by the early morning hours on Sunday. The heaviest snowfall totals have been across northwest Iowa. This is where 5″ to 6″ of snow has fallen. Elsewhere across the state, 1″ to 3″ has piled up.

Nation Wide Temperatures Monday

A cold front will be working through the state tomorrow, ushering in even more arctic air. I know this is not what people are wanting to hear, however, the good news is by the end of next week, it does look like we will warm back up near normal. So lets dive into the facts….

Wind Gusts on Monday

Wind Gusts on Monday

Behind the front, winds will be picking up Sunday evening into Monday. Winds will be sustained between 20mph-25mph with gust up to 40mph. As you may have noticed today’s snow was a very light and fluffy snow. These strong winds will blow the snow around and will cause reduced visibilities. This will need to be monitored as advisories may need to be issued, as near blizzard like conditions may be possible.

Iowa Highs Monday

Highs Monday 11/17/2014

Highs on Monday will struggle to make it into the 20’s. Some places across southern Iowa may make it into the lower 20’s, however, most of the state will only be in the teens for highs on Monday, with overnight lows in the single digits. If that sounds bad, you will also have to remember that the winds will be gusting in the 3omph to 40mph range.

Iowa Wind Chills Monday

Wind Chills Monday 11/17/2014

With temperatures only in the single digits for lows, and a strong wind gusting near 4omph, waking up Monday morning, the feel like temperature will be 5 to 15 degrees below zero! The wind will also be blowing the snow around on top of this, so the case of the Monday’s are going to be even worse.

The National Weather Service in Des Moines stated earlier that, “our highs on Monday would still be about 10 to 15 degrees below our coldest average highs for the normally coldest winder day of the year… or about 30 degrees below our normal for 11/17. We haven’t had highs this cold since early March of 2014.”

As we stated earlier, there looks to be recovery later in the week as by Friday, our highs will range from the mid 20’s in the north to the lower 30’s across the south. Until then, hang in there and enjoy a cup of hot coco and the freshly fallen snow!


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