Lessons Learned from Hail Storms

12305_385609853255_75982018255_3789150_2969848_n In one of the hardest hit areas of Iowa yesterday, strong winds and large hail battered the town of Grinnell, IA.  You don’t have to tell a group of students from Grinnell college how bad it was, they were caught outside when the storm hit.

23077158_640X480 A group of runners from the school tried to take shelter in a ditch but the hail became too large and too intense.  Take a look at these photos from KCCI-TV in Des Moines of one student.  He was bruised and welted all over his body.  Fortunately a passerby took the students to a nearby hospital where they were all treated and released.

Grinnell also suffered heavy wind damage that, at last report, was under investigation to determine whether it was from strong winds or a tornado.  We’ll update the blog when the National Weather Service in Des Moines releases its storm survey.

12305_385612283255_75982018255_3789205_7321973_n Further to the north, another college was the focus of another hail storm.  This time the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls.  UNI students took shelter, but their vehicles were not so lucky.

IMAG0052This is a photo sent to me by Michael Rueber of Cedar Falls, IA.  You can see the hail dents left in his car after the storm.  On campus, some students found glass shattered out of vehicles by stones that reached up to 3” in diameter.

All in all a good lesson, while it’s nice to find shelter for your belongings, the priority is yourself.  Seeing what the hail did to a car window pales in comparison to what it did to some people unlucky enough to be caught outside when the hail storm hit.  Also a good reminder that you don’t need tornadoes to experience potentially deadly weather.

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