LANDFALL: First Tropical System of 2011 to Strike U.S.

rb-lIt’s not much of a storm which is welcomed news for the Gulf Coast, but Tropical Storm Don represents the first named storm that will make landfall on the mainland this hurricane season. 

Depending on its eventual track this storm system might also be a bit of a blessing in disguise for areas of drought stricken Texas. This morning, Don has sustained winds of around 40mph as it churns west through the Gulf of Mexico.

083514W5_NL_smThe storm is expected to make landfall in southern Texas by early Saturday Morning.  At this time there does not appear to be any threat the storm will reach hurricane strength before that happens.  A tropical storm watch has been posted for much of the Texas Gulf Coast in preparation for the storm.  It’s likely that the primary threat from this system is heavy rain, which again, much of Texas desperately needs right now.

As for how this tropical storm system affects our weather remains to be seen.  For now we’re dealing with our own heavy rain.

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