Iowa Convective Outlook

Iowa Convective OutlookWe continue to keep an eye on the weather for this Labor Day weekend as it will be getting active. We have told you over the past couple of days that there is a risk of severe weather across the western 2/3rds of the state on Sunday. This risk continues to stay in place, however, location and the severity of these storms continue to remain in question.

A cold front will be working to the southeast, and this will be the focus point for storm development. Out ahead of this front, the atmosphere will be primed and unstable with 2,000 J/kg-3,000 J/kg CAPE.CAPE is the convective available potential energy, and this is the amount of energy that an air parcel has being lifted vertically. It is one of the many parameters that we look at when determining severe weather. For severe weather, we like when CAPE values are greater than 2,000 J/kg.

The greatest threats with this round of severe weather will be large hail and damaging winds. However, due to the uncertainty, things are still subject to change. Stay tuned all weekend long as we will bring you the very latest updates on Facebook and Twitter, as well as right here at

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