Irene Could Threaten US as Hurricane

rb-lTropical Storm Irene continues to churn through the Atlantic, making it’s way WNW towards the United States mainland.  The overall track of the storm will impact greatly just how strong this storm will be as it come ashore either in Florida or along the east coast.

As you can see in the image to the left, the storm is currently not that strong but is pretty well organized at this point.  As it hooks to the north and reaches warmer waters, the storm should intensify into a hurricane before moving inland sometime this weekend.  Current estimates have the storm packing winds of up to 90mph as it reaches the United States.  Not a major hurricane but still capable of producing major problems for people living in its path.

024913W5_NL_smBesides the wind and heavy rain, hurricanes often produce tornadoes that can also enhance the risk.  To the right you can see the current forecasted path over the next five days.  This remains very much in flux and will need to be closely monitored.

As Irene inches closer to the US we’ll have more updates throughout the week.

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