Iowans On the Ground Assisting in Disaster Surveys

catoosa088This afternoon I received a short update from Iowa Storm Chasing’s Ben McMillan now on the ground in Georgia.  He arrived this morning to begin assisting in efforts to survey all the destruction spread across six states.  More than 300 people died in Wednesday’s tornado outbreak after a record setting 211 tornadoes touched down in one day.

Ben reports they arrived today and are working in the towns of Ringgold and Trenton, Georgia.  The two towns are south of Chattanooga, TN. The National Weather Service reports Ringgold, GA was hit by an EF-4 tornado.  This particular tornado was on the ground for more than 13 miles.  Dozens of homes were destroyed in this tornado and 7 people lost their lives. RinggoldEF4TornadoPath To the right you can see the path of the tornado and the level of damage it caused.

Below is a graphic showing the path of the tornado that struck Trenton, GA.  This tornado was rated an EF-3.  Besides the damage caused by this tornado, 2 people lost their lives.  This large tornado was on the ground for 18 miles and was more than a half mile wide.  There were several other tornadoes reported in the state of Georgia, many rates as an EF-3.  Definitely a widespread event that requires a lot of study and work.  Of course with the primary work focusing on cleanup and caring for the victims, there is a lot of outside help needed to conduct these surveys.

TrentonEF3TornadoPathAnd that’s where Ben comes in.  We hope to bring you more information from Ben later today and will pass along any pictures he’s able to share with us along the way.

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