Iowa Welcome Backs Winter

MOD_SNOD_REG10_NAM_18Z_45HR_SURFIt’s been a while since we’ve seen any measurable precipitation in Iowa.  But that streak of record warmth and dry weather is about to come to an end, at least for the eastern half of the state.   A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for this part of Iowa as snow is expected to develop and last through Thursday Night.

There is a lot of uncertainty over how much snow we will see. but right now it appears the heaviest totals will fall east of the I-380 corridor.  Overall eastern Iowa could see anywhere between 1” and 6” of snow, with the heaviest totals the closest you are to the Mississippi River.  As always, these are general snowfall estimates.  Locally higher amounts are always possible. You can see the snowfall forecast in the graphic to the left.

Besides the snow, strong winds are blanketing the state this evening.  Those winds will continue and will cause blowing and drifting conditions across eastern Iowa.  This will lead to reduced visibilities and difficult travel.  Anyone venturing out should take appropriate precautions.

We plan on being out on the roads tomorrow and hope to post pictures when possible, especially as we move into the afternoon hours of Thursday.  As always if you would like to share your pictures, please send them to [email protected] and leave your name and when and where the photo was taken.

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