Introducing Igor

UntitledWith the peak of the hurricane season upon us, the next storm to keep an eye out on is Tropical Storm Igor.  The storm is still a long way off, just off the coast of Africa at this time.  Over the next week or two, Igor will slowly make a trek to the west. 

It’s expected to slowly strengthen into a hurricane later this week.  With so much time until it reaches any land masses, it’s virtually impossible to determine what kind of a threat Igor may or may not be.

145914W5_NL_smTaking a look at the current forecasted track, the storm should continue on a west.  The models are indicating a slight shift to the northwest by the weekend, but not enough to say it will avoid land later this month. 

Of course more development in the Atlantic is possible this month and all will need to be closely monitored.  For now we’ll watch Igor from a distance and hope for the best.

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