“Into the Storm”


Last night, some of the ISCN team and I went out and watched the new movie “Into the Storm.” These past few weeks, I have seen many previews for the movie. My original thought about the movie would be just another Hollywood glorified movie about tornadoes and storm chasing. To say the very least, I did not have high expectations for it, however, I had hopes that it would be somewhat better than Sharknado 2.

The movie starts off showing a group of high school kids that get caught off guard by a nocturnal tornado. This is something that we have seen before, as nocturnal tornadoes catch many people by surprise. The movie then moves on to a team of storm chasers that are out there to get the footage of the century. As many of the previews have already shown, this team has a tornado intercept vehicle driven by a film producer, followed by a support vehicle that has Doppler radar and the degree scientist. The film producer is having a bad start to the season as they keep missing the tornadoes.

The beginning of the movie began out slow to me, but it eventually began to pick up and get interesting. Unlike Twister which focused mainly on storm chasing, this movie focused more about the devastation of the town getting hit by tornado after tornado, each one getting progressively worse.

If you have a fear of tornadoes, or have lived through one, this movie may be hard for you to watch as it fairly realistic.


In the movie, there are two rednecks that are trying to be YouTube stars by doing stupid stunts.  Eventually these rednecks head out to chase the storms and find themselves too close for comfort. This is not to far from reality. Ever since the movie Twister, there has been a rise in amateur storm chasers that do not know what they are doing.

Eventually, the storm chasers are the ones that are being chased. This is a moment that I liked.  It was a good idea to show that storm chasers are not exempt from the hazards that come with storm chasing. It emphasized that you need to know what you are doing if you are going to be storm chasing.

For being a Hollywood movie, yes there were parts to this movie that were fake/overkill just to make it more interesting, but overall there were a lot more positives to the movie than I originally thought there would be. The movie had a good moral to the story, which was live everyday like it’s your last as you never know when it will be.  I will be getting the movie on DVD once it comes out as it is not as bad as I thought it would be going into it.

Zach Sharpe

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