Igor Threatens Bermuda While Julia Forms

rb-lThere are a pair of tropical systems in the Atlantic this Monday Afternoon.  Hurricane Igor is rapidly intensifying into a major hurricane.  Tropical Storm Julia is slowly making her way to hurricane strength as well.

Both of these storms are far away from any land masses.  In fact, Julia is not expected to cause any problems to populated areas.  But Igor is another story.  In the image to the left you can see a very well defined eye in the storm.  This is a classic sign of a strong and growing hurricane. 

To make matters worse, the storm could come dangerously close to the island of Bermuda as a very strong hurricane.  This is of special concern because islands are quite difficult to evacuate. 

The good news is there’s plenty of time for people in Bermuda to prepare.  Igor shouldn’t reach the island until Saturday and a lot of uncertainty remains regarding the storm’s track.  Even so, as a major hurricane, any path that brings the storm close to Bermuda could spell disaster for the resort island.

22As for Julia, her track should keep her away from land and eventually weaken to a tropical storm.  This is good news as Julia represents the 10th named storm of this season.  Certainly a very active year in the Atlantic, but fortunately very little impact on land so far.

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