Ice Storm Threatens To Cause Damage


There are little changes in the going forecast.  The graphic to the left shows the current forecast for freezing rain across the region.  Areas of darkest green are where the highest probabilities of an ice storm exist.  This is an area which could see ice accumulations between a quarter and half an inch. 

Areas in lighter shades of green will see lesser amounts.  Either way, any ice accumulations will produce difficult driving conditions.  In areas that see heavier ice accumulation, the weight of the ice on trees and power lines coupled with strong wind gusts could produce damage and power outages.

This is a situation that we’ll be closely monitoring.  The national weather service has placed much of central and northeast Iowa under a Winter Storm Warning.  They have opted not to issue an Ice Storm Warning because of concerns that some of the precipitation may fall as sleet.  However portions of eastern Iowa remain under a Winter Storm Watch.  At this point I’m not sure what the National Weather Service in the Quad Cities will settle on by morning.  I could see them placing some areas under an Ice Storm Warning or Advisory, or opt for a Winter Storm Warning if it appears evident that sleet will mix with the freezing rain.

Either way, travel will be difficult across parts of Iowa by early morning.  Those slick conditions will improve during the day, but areas of northeast Iowa could see icy conditions persist into the evening hours.

We will have an update in the morning as this storm begins.  And remember, you can share your photos of the storm to [email protected]

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