Ice Jam Produces Unexpected Flooding

It’s bad enough that a frozen ground has prevented all of our recent rains in eastern Iowa from reaching the soil and easing the drought, but to make matters worse, what was supposed to be minor flooding turned into a bigger issue in Cedar Rapids.

A large ice jam snarled up the flow of the water, back the river dangerously close to some homes.  Many of the homes affected were hit in the 2008 flood and offered buyouts.  But whether or not residents chose to stay, it’s a frustrating situation that tonight, finally appears to be easing.

We snapped a few photos this week of the ice jam, including a panorama shot.  You can see our pictures below.  And, as always, share you pics with us by sending them to [email protected]

DSC07671 DSC07672 DSC07673 DSC07674 DSC07675 DSC07676 DSC07677 DSC07678 DSC07679 DSC07680 DSC07681

DSC07699 Stitch

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