Hurricane Warnings for North Carolina & Massachusetts

152047W5_NL_smIt’s still unclear whether Hurricane Earl will actually make landfall, but the storm will have a major impact on at least two states.  The National Hurricane Center has posted hurricane warnings for both North Carolina and Massachusetts.  You can see those areas highlighted in red in the graphic to the left.  The storm is still packing sustained winds of up to 140mph at this hour.  With huricane force winds stretching far beyond the eye wall, Earl won’t have to make landfall to do some serious damage along the shores of the United States.

The storm right now is forecasted to trek of the eastern shoreline, delivering glancing blows to many areas.  A slight turn to the northeast should prevent Earl from making landfall in New York or Massachusetts, but it’s going to be VERY close.

We continue to track the latest movements of Earl as it inches closer to the North Carolina shoreline and will post updates when needed here on


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