Hurricane Igor Now Dangerous Category 4

rb-lAlthough current thinking is that it won’t grow any stronger, Hurricane Igor is plenty strong.  The storm is now a powerful category 4 with sustained winds of up to 150mph.  You can see in the satellite image to the left the very pronounced eye in the center of the storm, a good indicator of its intensity.

The hurricane has moved very slowly over several days in the Atlantic but should begin to accelerate a bit and lose some strength.  Even so, it will remain a major hurricane all week long and could threaten the island of Bermuda as early as Saturday.

This fortunately gives the resort island plenty of time to prepare, but right the storm looks like it will have a major impact when it hits.  Besides catastrophic wind gusts, the storm would bring a powerful surge of water into the island capable of producing untold damage.  Emergency managers on the island are likely already preparing for the worst.

203815W5_NL_smTo the right is the current forecast for the storm over the next five days.  You can see this track puts it on a dangerous course for Bermuda.  There is a lot of uncertainty that remains with this storm so all anyone can do at this point is hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Meanwhile, further east off the coast of Africa is tropical storm Julia.  Although Julia is expected to reach hurricane strength in the coming days, the storm should not be a threat to any landmasses.

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