Hurricane Earl From Space


Take a look at this incredible image of Hurricane Earl.  It was captured by American Astronaut Doug Wheelock aboard the International Space Station.  It gives you a view from more than 200 miles above the surface at just how large these storms can get.

085754W5_NL_smThis morning, a small bit of good news regarding Earl.  The storm has weakened to a category 3 storm and the National Hurricane Center does not believe it will regain much intensity before a possible landfall.  However, the storm is still packing sustained winds of up to 125mph with higher gusts.

The storm continues to track towards the east coast of the United States, but it is unclear when a directional shift might pull it away from a potential landfall.  Some computer models have forecasted a landfall in the outer banks of North Carolina.  Others keep it off shore until it reaches the eastern shore of Canada as a tropical storm.  Either way it is a very dangerous storm that still bears watching.

Below is another look at Hurricane Earl through Satellite imagery.


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