Here We Go Again

day1otlk_1300Another day, another round of storms across Iowa.  While southern and eastern Iowa were the focus of severe weather Tuesday afternoon, today’s threat focuses on areas of northern and western Iowa.  You can see the risk area posted by the Storm Prediction Center in the graphic to the left.  Showers and thunderstorms are currently underway in northeast Nebraska and southeast South Dakota.  Those storms are expected to increase in size and intensity later this afternoon.

There are a lot of uncertainties surrounding today’s threat.  But the easiest way to boil it down is this:  A frontal boundary continues to linger across the state, now draped over northern parts of the state.  Once storms fire this afternoon, if they line stays along the front the threat increases for a modest number of tornadoes.  But if storms get away from the front and become a little more elevated, large hail and strong winds will become the primary threat.

It’s a complicated scenario so for now the best advice is to simply prepare for everything and stay tuned to the latest forecast.  We’ll continue to monitor the situation and plan to launch our live coverage later this afternoon if needed.

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