Here We Go Again: Severe Weather Possible Today

day1otlk_1300The Storm Prediction Center has placed most of Iowa under a slight risk for severe weather.  Strong storms are forecast to develop across Iowa, especially in the southwester portion of the state by late afternoon.  There is enough instability in the atmosphere to keep these storms in business as we move into the nighttime hours, producing the threat of a prolonged threat for strong storms across most of the state.

Taking a look at the specific threats the state faces tonight, once again the tornado risk is low.  Low level shear does not look all that great.  But while saying that, I would not rule out the development of a tornado or two, especially before sunset, across the state.

The primary threat today and tonight will be strong damaging winds and large hail.  Sound familiar?   This is very similar to what the state has faced over the last several days.  Also of concern is the rain that falls tonight.  Rain will likely affect areas already over-saturated from days of heavy rain.  Flooding shouldn’t be a widespread problem tonight, but localized flash flooding is possible and with more rain forecast over the next several days, the flood risk will need to be closely monitored.

As for tonight’s severe weather risk, we’ll continue to monitor the situation, bring you updates throughout the day and launch our live coverage if needed later today.

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