Here Comes the Snow

imageOur weekend storm has arrived and now much of Iowa is preparing for a measureable snow fall.  The latest forecast model runs show the changeover to snow happening slightly later than first thought, which will hopefully keep snowfall totals down just a bit.

As a result, the National Weather Service has opted for a Winter Weather Advisory in much of western and northern Iowa.  At this time 2”-5” appears to be the most likely scenario in this area.  Locally higher amount are, as always, possible, but 2”-5” is what most people under the advisory will see.  You can see the area under the advisory in the graphic to the left.

Further east, there is still some concern that some changeover to snow will occur, but accumulation over eastern Iowa should be light and/or non-existent.  One thing to watch out for in eastern Iowa is the possibility of freezing drizzle.  This situation unfolded for a few hours over northeast Iowa early Saturday morning, leading to some slick spots on area roads.

This shouldn’t shape up to be a major winter storm, but one that will affect travel, especially in western Iowa.  Something to keep in mind if you’re traveling today.  If you are in an area that receives snow, feel free to send us your photos to [email protected]

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