Heat Takes Hold as Storm Threat Returns

Editor’s note: My apologies for not posting sooner than now, a recent computer failure forced me to rebuild by computer from scratch.  I apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have more timely updates in the days ahead

Are you enjoying the outdoors today?  If so I hope you take plenty of breaks because the weather is just downright hot.  Temperatures soaring into the 90’s and high humidity levels are making it almost unbearable across the state today.  A head advisory is out for the state and people are advised to take common sense precautions when spending time outdoors today. 

day1otlk_1630Turning now to the severe weather threat, the Storm Prediction Center has posted a slight risk for areas of western Iowa.  This threat comes with a cold front approaching the state that should provide a little bit of relief.  Storms are already ongoing in South Dakota and could spread into Iowa later this evening.  Overall this threat is low, with the primary threats being large hail and strong damaging wind gusts.

Although we will monitor this threat, the primary danger to people in Iowa today will be the heat.  Please drink plenty of fluids and try to stay indoors.  The body can become dehydrated very quickly in conditions like this and unless you absolutely must be out in the sun and heat, it’s best to stay in an air conditioned or shaded area with plenty of ventilation.

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  1. so bailing hay is not a great idea today… well that sucks. fluids are a must but when you have grass down and a potential threat of rain you have to get it bailed no matter what. spend more time doing it with less stress on the body, slow and easy

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