Heat Could Help Produce Some Severe Weather


Call it a ‘fluid’ forecast as the mercury rises across Iowa this week. More hot weather is on the way, especially as we head into the weekend. In the meantime, our warmth will aid the potential for severe thunderstorm development across portions of the Upper Midwest.

At this time, these are no significant threats for severe weather, but with a little bit of forcing, there is the potential for some scattered strong storms this week. For right now our focus is on Wednesday and Thursday. In the near-term this is the timeframe it appears Iowa will have a shot at some severe weather. I want to stress this threat is very low and we do not expect any widespread damaging outbreak at this time.

If enough instability can generate itself across portions of western Iowa on Wednesday or northern Iowa on Thursday, a severe storm or two cannot be ruled out. Primary threats would be strong damaging wind gusts and large hail. The threat of tornadoes is very low for this time period.

Overall the pattern is quickly shifting to a more traditional summer format. Often times, this includes little in the way of thunderstorm activity until early evening or the overnight hours. Nocturnal storms can be just as dangerous. Strong winds and hail can still develop, threatening life and property during hours that many are not paying attention to the changing weather conditions.

Although small, we will continue to monitor these potential threats and update the forecast as new information comes in.

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