Heat and Humidity Return

Iowa Heat Advisory
Iowa Heat Advisory

Heat Advisory in Effect Until 7pm Tuesday

Well we all knew it would eventually have to come. Today, temperatures have climbed into the mid 80s with dew points in the mid 60s. Tomorrow, temperatures will climb even higher into the mid to lower 90s with dew points in the mid to lower 70s. Whenever dew points get into the 70s, that is when things begin to feel tropical. So if you have been wanting the weather to feel more like July, your wish will be granted.

Iowa Heat Indices

Heat indices on Monday will be the greatest across central and western Iowa. This is where the feel like temperatures will feel like 100° to 110°. On Tuesday the heat will return again with the warmest temperatures across southern Iowa. Heat indices on Tuesday across southern Iowa will range from 105° to 110°. Because of this, a heat advisory has been issued until 7pm Tuesday.

The good news is this heat spell will not last long. A cold front will move across the state Tuesday afternoon and on into the evening. This will cool temperatures back down into the mid to lower 80s by Wednesday. As a reminder, make sure to check on your pets and the elderly and do not leave children unattended in vehicles. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and take frequent breaks. The next couple of days would be great to get out to the pool to stay cool!

Zach Sharpe

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