Hail, Storms Roll Across Iowa

todayIt wasn’t a large outbreak, but strong to severe thunderstorms gave many Iowans their first taste of some rocky weather this Spring.  Showers and thunderstorms first developed late Thursday Afternoon in portions of western Missouri and eastern Kansas.  The storms quickly turned severe and pushed into Iowa, where a solid line of hail producing cells took shape.

In the graphic to the left, the green dots show areas that reported hail of 1.00” in diameter or greater.  The one blue dot shows a report of strong winds.

The large hail continued across western and central Iowa through 10pm.  Storms continued through the entire state, but with more stable air over eastern Iowa, only general thunderstorms were left when they reached that side of the state.

Overall, a fair amount of hail reports, fortunately no reports of any serious damage.  There were tornadoes reported today either.  There are more chances for strong storms over the next few days.  We’ll touch on that in the days to come.

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