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Well surely you have heard about the potential for snow on Friday. The amount of snow we will receive is yet to be determined. This is because the track and intensity of the storm differs with each model as we will show i this post. First we will start with latest 12z GFS as shown above. It has snowfall totals ranging from 3″ to 7″.

Iowa Snowfall ForecastNext up is the Canadian model, also refereed to as the GEM. It has the heaviest snowfall totals ranging from 4″ to 11″. The GEM is also the furthest south with the snowfall. The European model, which tends to be the most consistent has the heaviest snow falling between highway 20 and interstate 80, and this is where it has 5″ to 8″ of snow accumulating.

Iowa NAM Snowfall TotalsThe last model to throw in the bunch here is the NAM. It is doing what it does best and is the outlier in track compared to the rest of the models. However, it too is also picking up on heavy snowfall totals.

12270340_10208222690034439_120747680_nCurrently the GFS is more believable in terms of snowfall totals. We will have to closely monitor this though as all the models are depicting moderate to heavy snowfall accumulations. Right now, we are expecting the heaviest snow to fall south of highway 20 and north of interstate 80, with 2″ to 5″ of snow accumulations possible. Even though surface temperatures are still above freezing, snow will be falling quick enough that it will overcome the warm surface temperatures and will accumulate. This track can shift, which would impact where the heaviest snow would accumulate so continue to check back here for the latest updates.


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