Good News for Wet Parts of Iowa

UntitledAlthough showers and thunderstorms remain possible tonight, the threat of any organized severe weather threat has diminished for the rest of the evening.  That’s good news for many areas still cleaning up the damage from last night’s storms.

It’s also good news for areas that received heavy rain.  With the lack of a large thunderstorm complex tonight, fears for flash flooding tonight have eased somewhat.  But there are plenty of other chances for severe weather over the next few days.

day2otlk_1730For now we’ll focus on tomorrow’s severe weather threat.  You can see in the graphic to the right that there is a slight risk posted for a good portion of Iowa on Tuesday.  Once again it appears the greatest threat for strong storms will come during the evening and overnight hours.  This means the primary threat again would be strong, damaging winds and heavy rainfall that could produce flash flooding in some places. 

Today’s dry day is good news for area rivers and concerns of additional flooding in low lying areas.  Nevertheless, flooding remains a concern for the rest of the week with several chances for showers and thunderstorms.  We’ll keep an eye for any rogue thunderstorm development tonight, but barring any prolonged severe weather events, do not anticipate the need for live coverage tonight.

If not, we’ll give you updates on tomorrow’s threat starting tomorrow morning.  We’ll also take a closer look at any other potential severe weather threats later this week.

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