Go East Eager Storm Chasers… Go East

94823279A few storms this weekend gave some in eastern Iowa a gorgeous look at a double rainbow.  This is a picture captured in Coralville close to 7:00pm Sunday Night.

Earlier in the day, the storms prompted a handful of thunderstorm warnings in central Iowa, but certainly nothing worth chasing.  The National Weather Service in Des Moines recorded a pair of 70+mph wind gusts in central Iowa, and there were reports of small hail covering the ground.

As for the rest of the week, not a whole lot of excitement to talk about here in Iowa.  Yes there are chances of rain and yes we could see a few rumbles of thunder.  But the pattern is not really taking an ominous turn which for fans of a quiet spring is a good thing.

day1otlk_1300 Today a slight risk for severe weather exists south and east of the state.  As the storm system affecting us yesterday makes its way across the country. 

Looking further ahead another storm system should affect the area Thursday and into Friday.  But the timing of this storm is not idea.  We could see showers and thunderstorms but at this time it looks to be a late night/early morning event with little if any threat of strong storms.

day48prob That same storm system will once again create a risk for severe weather, to our east.  The Storm Prediction Center has already posted a long range risk for a large area to our east for Friday.

So when will this pattern change?  According to the models not too soon.  Over the next couple of weeks things should stay relatively active.  But it’s too soon to tell which if any storms will put Iowa back in the back of severe weather.  We all know it’s only a matter of time, so this lull isn’t anything to get too worried about.  It’s Iowa, it’s May and that means sooner or later things will change for the worse.

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