From Outbreak to Relative Bust

untitled A day like Thursday can really get storm chasers in the Midwest charged up and ready to go for a big season.  After a long dry spell, more than 3 dozens tornadoes were reported on April 22nd.  The storm system responsible was expected to provide two more big tornado days yesterday and today.  But Friday’s outbreak never happened.

A total of 8 tornadoes were reported to the Storm Prediction Center.  That’s a pretty solid number but not when you take into account the expansive area where tornadoes were expected to develop.  Of particular note are the Nebraska and Arkansas areas.  Both were pegged out for a good tornado risk and there was just one tornado report between them.  The most reports came from Missouri, in an area not targeted by many.

What does this mean? For Saturday nothing, but it does remind us mother nature is a fickle beast.  Even when it looks like the perfect setup, the weather can decide to not cooperate with what we expect.  Something to keep in mind the next time we think we have a handle on how all this works.

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