Friday: The Chase is On!

While the timing remains an issue, the chances of severe weather are there, and the risk of tornadoes with any organized development remain decent.

The big questions left to be answered are the following:

1. Timing – With the front pegged to go through early in the afternoon, will it be too late for any instability to take root west of the mississippi?

2. The Big L – The low is spinning around southwest Iowa currently, where it tracks and when will also play a role in the prime area for any tornadic development.

3. Morning Hangover – With thunderstorms in the area Friday Morning, will that drain some of the energy.  Also will the clouds clear out of the area, giving the atmosphere a chance to recharge.

At any rate, will be a so-so day for chasing, but much like last week, if you’re in position, chances are you’ll get a big score.

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