Freezing Friday?

1495122_672176466146946_1747074277_oTomorrow is still setting up to be a very messy day as we will be expecting rain, freezing rain, and snow. The question that many have been asking is what type of precipitation will I see and how much of it will I see? We are here this morning to try and help answer a few of those questions.


A low pressure system will push to the northeast overnight from the Oklahoma panhandle. As it pushes towards the state tonight, we will start to see precipitation increase. There is the possibility for some light freezing drizzle tonight, however, we are not expecting anicey ice accumulations tonight. Tomorrow morning before noon is when we will start to see those ice accumulations start to add up. In the picture to the right, anywhere that is colored may see a light glazing of ice. Mainly under a tenth of an inch. The blue and dark green regions will see the higher end of the ice accumulations which would be between 0.05” and 0.1”. In southeast Iowa, freezing rain will transition over to rain, but the concern is that ground temperatures are still cool and any water will add a light glazing to any surface that is below freezing.

snow60The further north you go, the precipitation will fall as snow. We are not expecting a lot of snow from this system. A band from west central Iowa, to the northeast, and on over to the northeast corner of the stat will see snow. This area could see 1 to 3 inches of snow, with the heavier totals occurring in the northeast corner of the state.

We will continue to keep an eye on this system as we get the very latest details in and will pass those along to you on our Facebook page and right here at

Zach Sharpe

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