SNOW TOTALS: Forecast Right on The Money

lsr_snowfallIt’s not often I would consider to write a headline like that in regards to a winter storm, but I gotta admit this one played out almost like it was scripted.  With a very sharp rain-snow cutoff over central Iowa, forecasters nailed this storm both in snowfall totals and track.

The image to the left is from Iowa Mesonet and shows the reported snowfall totals from this weekend storms.  You can see some isolated amounts just above the 6” mark.  You can also see how quickly snowfall totals tapered off to the east. 

Following this storm are no major problems in the short and medium range forecast.  The biggest change will be temperatures much colder than we’ve experienced so far this season.  Some areas could flirt with the 0 degree mark later this week.

If you have any pictures of this weekend’s snow, we’d love to see them!  Just send them to [email protected].

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