FLOOD UPDATE: Impact of Water’s Surge Unclear

At this hour, it is unclear what it going on in Jones County.  Here’s what we do know.   Hopkinton appears to have dodge a bullet. Despite record water levels in the city, a surge of water never happened.  Authorities believe after pouring over the Lake Delhi Dam, the surge dispersed in farm fields.  A debris field is still making its way downstream, along with a lot of water.  How high the water will get in Monticello remains very unclear.

The National Weather Service has not had an update on the situation in more than 4 hours.  In the meantime, sandbagging is underway in Monticello as residents fear for the worst.  The surge of water will still hit the city of Monticello, but its impact on the town remains unclear.  Governor Culver ordered the National Guard to respond to the crisis and activates the state’s Emergency Operations Center.  The Governor is also in Monticello along with other leaders to monitor the situation.

This is still a very fluid situation and when more information comes in we’ll bring it to you here on iowachase.com.  Remember if you have photos of today’s flooding, you can submit them at [email protected]

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