FLOOD UPDATE: Des Moines Given More Time to Prepare

bildeThe Army Corps of Engineers will release water over the spillway at Saylorville Lake.  That was supposed to happen at 6:00pm tonight, but engineers are holding off to give the city of Des Moines more time to prepare for the water.

The good news is dry weather this week has already led to a drop in the amount of water flowing into Saylorville Lake.  The planned lowering an inflatable gate on top of the spillway will not happen tomorrow morning.

Des Moines leaders are worried about the levee that protects the Birdland neighborhood.  That levee failed during the 2008 flood and crews are working to reinforce the levee today.

Authorities expect flood water to stay 2-3 feet below the top of the Birdland levee, but because of its history they want to make sure it can withstand the pressure put on it.

As for the forecast, the dry weather should last a few more days.  Chances of rain could return to Iowa as early as Sunday.  We’ll have more on the return of rain chances later today.

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