Flash in the Pan Thunderstorms

The severe threat really did not come together much at all.  At least not north of the Missouri-Iowa border.  A rapidly developing line of thunderstorms developed just south of Iowa and slowly crept northwards.

monradar The east-west setup of the line bode well for extremely heavy rain.  The main concern for Iowa was that eventually some cells would bow out producing strong winds.  That of course did not happen.  Generally, every time a storm intensified in Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas it quickly pulsed and faded away.  There was ample energy but the biggest problem with this storm system is moisture and too much of it.

Now, light to moderate showers continue in Iowa with more thunderstorms threatening to push through overnight and into the morning hours on Tuesday.

Quickly looking ahead to the coming weekend, the Storm Prediction Center is already hinting at highlighting an area at risk for severe weather in the Saturday-Sunday timeframe.  This of course will bear watching, but as we learned this past weekend, several days of severe weather threats can just as easily turn into nothing.

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